Click to use the Talking Dictionary 127. Flu Shots for Flu Season


127. It was October 13. It was flu season. He went to his school. His school gave him free flu shots every year. He did not like shots. But he liked free shots. But this year he was unlucky. Too many people wanted the free flu shots. He arrived at his school too late. There were no more free flu shots. They had just run out of free flu shots. So he had to pay for his flu shot. He had to pay $15. He gave $15 to a clerk. She gave him a ticket. She said, "Bring this ticket with you on October 27." He brought his ticket with him on October 27. He went into a room. Three nurse assistants were in the room. One of the nurse assistants gave him his flu shot. She said, "Your arm might be sore later." He said, "My arm is already sore!" 1.8


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