Click to use the Talking Dictionary126. She Borrows a No. 2 Pencil


126. Sue forgot her pencil. She had left her pencil at home. She needed to borrow a pencil. She asked her classmate, "Nancy, could I borrow a pencil, please?" Her classmate said, "Sure, Sue. Here you go." Nancy handed her a bright yellow, No. 2 pencil. It had a pink eraser on the end. The point was dull. It needed sharpening. Sue said thank you. She got up from her desk. She walked over to the pencil sharpener. She stuck her pencil into the sharpener. The sharpener hummed quietly. She pulled the pencil out. Now it had a sharp point. The point was sharp. She sat down at her desk. She started writing on her paper. She wrote her name and the date. She wrote her teacher's name. She wrote the first names of all her classmates. She wrote the days of the week. She wrote the months of the year. 1.6


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