Click to use the Talking Dictionary128. Tenant Takes a Look for a Crook


128. John drove home from work. He drove home in his Honda. He saw a man near his apartment building. The man was standing by the carport. John looked at the man. He did not know the man. The man was just standing there. John pulled his Honda into the carport. He got out of his car. He locked his car. The man was still standing there. John walked over to the man. He said, "Hello. Who are you?" The man said, "I am Ralph. I live in this building." John asked, "Which apartment do you live in?" Ralph said, "I live in number 3." John said, "I am John. Can I help you? Why are you standing here?" Ralph said, "I moved here last month. Someone broke into my car last week. I heard a noise five minutes ago. Maybe it was a thief. I came out here to check." 0.5


128. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.