Click to use the Talking Dictionary 125. How to Pick Up Girls


125. Dean and Jerry were sitting at the bar in a nightclub. They were attracted to two pretty ladies at a table nearby. Neither man had ever picked up a woman in a club. They discussed their strategy. Jerry said, "It's real simple. We just buy them drinks. Every time the waiter takes them two drinks, he'll point to us. We'll wave and smile, and they'll wave and smile. After a few rounds, they'll wave us over." Dean liked the idea. They ordered a round of drinks for the ladies. Then another round. Then another round. Finally, the women waved them over. "See?" Jerry said, grinning, to Dean. They sat down at the table. Jerry started to introduce himself. The blonde slowly laid her head onto the tabletop and passed out. The brunette said, "I'm sorry. I'd better take my roommate home. Thanks for the drinks. Let's do this again sometime!" 3.0


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