Click to use the Talking Dictionary124. A Shaken Baby Doesn't Stir


124. Sarah was a pretty baby. She was only 13 weeks old. Her dad was 19, and her mom was 18. They weren't married, but they wanted to have a big wedding when the time was right. Her mom worked at a hotel. Her dad did not have a job. He stayed at home and babysat Sarah. One day Sarah started crying and, despite all his efforts, she just wouldn't stop. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. He called his mom. She knew a lot about babies. He said, "Mom, no matter what I do, Sarah won't be quiet. If you don't have any solutions for me, I'm just going to start shaking her." His mom said, "Start shaking her?! Don't you dare shake her! Don't you ever shake a little baby! Their poor little brain can't handle it. How do you think your cousin Freddy got the way he is?" 2.8


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