Click to use the Talking Dictionary123. She Sees Hair—There and There


123. She said that the hair on his head was growing back a little. He was surprised to hear that. He had never heard of hair growing back. Cancer victims who get chemotherapy often lose their hair. It often grows back. But he hadn't had chemotherapy. He asked if she was sure. He couldn't see any new hair. Yes, she was sure. His hairline was "proceeding" instead of receding, she said. She said that she was growing hair, too. "I never used to have hair on my legs," she said. Now she was growing some hair on her legs. She showed him her legs. He couldn't see any hair. He asked if she was pulling his leg. She said of course not. "Do you doubt me?" she asked. He said, "No, of course not, honey. I was just making sure." The next day, he made an appointment with an eye doctor. 1.9


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