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Talking Dictionary994. "That" Word Is Our Word


994. Will said, "You know, it's not fair. You people use the N word all the time with one another. I hear it in every borough and on every train." Keegan said, "So, what's not fair?" Will said, "It's part of the English language. You can't call dibs on a word and say it's yours exclusively. Everyone who speaks English is entitled to use every word in English." Keegan said, "Nobody's stopping you. Use it all you want." Will said, "No, thanks. I happen to like my nose. I've got a better idea. If you can claim a word for yourselves, we can too." Keegan said, "Be my guest. What word do you claim for your people?" Will said, "'Racist,' of course. People are using it at the drop of a hat. So from now on, 'racist' is our word exclusively." Keegan said, "Fine by me. I can live with 'bigot.'" 2.2


994. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.