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Talking Dictionary995. A Man True To His Word


995. Kasich criticized his fellow presidential candidate. "Donald back‐tracked on his abortion statement. First, he said a woman who gets an abortion should be punished. Then, when he got all that flak from social media, he said 'maybe' he misspoke. He said he meant to say that if abortion ever becomes illegal nationwide and a doctor performs one, then the doctor must be punished, not the woman. This is just another example of why Donald shouldn't become president—he waffles, he flip‐flops, he back‐tracks. That's not what people want in a presidential candidate. They want a candidate who makes up his mind and sticks to it. They want a candidate whose word is like a rock." Months earlier, Kasich, Trump, and the other candidates had promised to support whoever became the Republican party nominee for president. Three days ago, Trump reneged on that promise. Following the flip‐flopper's lead, so had Kasich. 7.6


995. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.