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Talking Dictionary993. A Glass Door She Can't Open


993. Waiting for the light to change, he spotted a young girl, maybe 13, to his left. She was standing about ten feet away from a bank's closed glass door. She was moving her hands about and faintly smiling. At first, he thought that she was looking at her reflection in the door. He thought that she was waving to herself and smiling. But that thought changed. As he continued to watch her, he decided that she was mentally handicapped. She was trying to figure out how to enter the bank. She was trying to figure out how to get through that glass door. She wanted to go inside. He thought about all his problems. Bad as they are, he thought, at least I know how to pull open a glass door. A woman—her mom?—inside the bank opened the glass door, smiled, and beckoned to the girl. She grinned. 3.2


993. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.