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Talking Dictionary972. Herr Hair—Orange, That Is


972. Orange‐haired, lightning‐rod presidential candidate Donald Trump asked everyone in the large crowd to raise their hand, like him, and to promise to vote for him. The liberal media, which dominate America, quickly filled newsstands, airwaves, and the Internet with denunciations that likened all the raised hands to Nazi soldiers saluting Adolph Hitler. Trump's PR spokesman—that is, The Donald himself—quickly responded, "Wait a minute. What about all those school kids raising their hands in classrooms all across America? They surely resemble little Nazi wannabes. And what about all those people hailing cabs in Manhattan? They make New York look like Nazi York. And what about the Statue of Liberty? That's a 300‐foot‐high Sieg Heil in your face! And what about all those Americans with raised hands waving hello and goodbye to one another every day? What are the media so upset about—our entire country is full of 'Nazis'!" 8.6


972. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.