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971. Dick was a slender 140‐pounder. Tommy, his office coworker, was a beefy 180‐pounder. They were both 26. Tommy got a kick out of adding hot sauce to Dick's unattended cup of coffee. The third time Tommy did it, Dick confronted him. Dick said, "I don't appreciate your little joke. People like you think people like me are pushovers. I grew up in Thailand. I was a martial arts fighter throughout my teens. I could break your nose right now"—Dick put his index finger right up to Tommy's nose—"with my foot, even after warning you that I'm going to break your nose with this foot." He pointed at his right foot. Tommy looked at it too. Later, Joan asked, "Were you really a Thai fighter?" Smiling, Dick said, "Our little secret? Not at all. It's all in the delivery. Tommy believed me because of one thing—my confidence level." 4.1


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