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Talking Dictionary973. Vote One, Vote All


973. After California's liberal Governor Moonbeam signed a bill allowing that state's noncitizens to vote in any and all elections, further alienating the state's ignored and angry citizens, the New York legislature, whose motto could be Everyone Is Entitled to Everything, passed a similar bill, which was quickly signed by NY's ultra‐liberal governor. But the NY bill had a little extra something. It not only allowed noncitizens to vote, but it allowed noncitizens' families to vote—even if they lived in another country. When asked why the NY bill allowed people living in entirely different countries to vote in local and national elections in the United States, Governor Giveaway said, "Well, first of all, it increases voter turnout. We have too many elections with too little participation. Second, it helps spread the idea of and participation in democracy worldwide. And third, all those people are going to end up here anyway!" 13.2


973. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.