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Talking Dictionary969. They're Our Future—If They Survive


969. The school bus went through a red light. Driving the car behind the disappearing school bus, Ronnie said, "Did you see that? They say our kids are our future. Do you think that bus driver has any kids? If he does, do you think he'd like to see another bus driver going through a red light with his kids on the bus? Maybe he figures that the kids on his bus are just 'other people's kids.' Maybe they don't count." Nancy said, "I've always wondered, if our kids are so important to us, why don't all school buses have seatbelts? Shouldn't our kids be buckled up? And why do we hire minimum‐wage bus drivers? Shouldn't the drivers be professionals, like NASCAR or like airline pilots? If our kids are so important, why aren't they getting the best treatment possible?" Ronnie said, "Beats me. Maybe they're not that important after all." 4.0


969. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.