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Talking Dictionary 968. Who Is Without Sin?


968. Bernie asked, "Would you keep a million dollars if you found it in a briefcase in Prospect Park?" Hillary said, "Of course. There's a million ways I could enjoy a million dollars." He said, "You wouldn't feel guilty about taking someone else's money?" She said, "Of course not. It's probably insured. If it isn't insured, it's probably drug money, so I'm just helping fight the war on drugs." Bernie said, "I could never do that. It's wrong. I have morals. My conscience would torture me daily about how I'd taken the low road and joined the riff‐raff. That's not going to happen to me. I'm above all that." Hillary laughed. "No, you just think you're above all that. Maybe it isn't a million dollars, but you have a weak spot. And I guarantee you, someone will find it, and you'll end up down here with the rest of us riff‐raff." 3.8


968. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.