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Talking Dictionary 970. Cell Life Looks Good


970. Ted said, "It says here that prisoners cost taxpayers $30,000 a year. And that almost a third of inmates who are released, commit a crime or violate parole and return to jail within a year of being released. So, while it's good that police protect us by arresting them and the courts put them back in jail, it's bad that we end up paying $30,000 again to keep them in jail. $30,000. How can a bunk behind bars cost $30,000 a year?" Marco said, "Because it's a lot more than a bunk and bars. It's heat, air‐conditioning, three healthy meals, cable TV, exercise area, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, Wi‐Fi and Internet connections, library, doctors, dentists, legal aid, high school and college classes, and a bunch of other stuff that we never even hear about." Ted said, "Gee. They've got it better than I do." Marco said, "Go rob a bank." 8.1


970. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.