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Talking Dictionary938. Freemen Freezing In The Brroughs


938. NYC's mild weather continued through December. But on January 2, weathermen predicted teen temps, worsened by wind, for the following two days. Immediately, Hizzoner announced that workers would scour every borough to notify homeless people about city shelters. The following day, reporters accompanied the workers. Many homeless people agreed to go to shelters, but many didn't. A reporter told one, "It's freezing out here! Why don't you go to a nice, warm shelter?" The man said, "'Cause some of 'em got bedbugs. And all of 'em got rules. They wand you, they frisk you, they put all your valuables in a plastic bag that you never see again. They even got a curfew! I ain't goin' through all that for just two nights. I'll take stars over bars. I'll be okay. I'm layered up real good with extra NY Times. I'll sleep tight, and no bedbugs gonna bite me, neither." 5.1


938. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.