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Talking Dictionary937. Diamonds, A Guard's Best Friend


937. An elegant sign on the corner of the building says "Jewelers on Fifth." One fall day, Nathan was hurriedly packing everything up in his fifth‐floor office. The building manager had already reminded him that the new tenant was waiting. Nathan's son and a building maintenance worker were helping Nathan move to the seventh floor. To Nathan's relief, at 5 p.m. everything had been moved into his new office. Everything except one thing—$1 million worth of loose diamonds. After frantically searching everywhere the following morning, Nathan called NYPD. Officers viewed a surveillance tape and arrested the security guard. The worker had innocently put a couple of small boxes into the hallway trash pile, which the guard later dug through. The guard, who'd already sold two diamonds for $30,000, said, "When they hired me, they didn't tell me there was surveillance in the hallways. They set me up. I'm no thief." 8.1


937. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.