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Talking Dictionary936. Row, Go, Row, Go, Row Your Boat


936. Bud asked, "Did you hear about this 49‐year‐old guy who spent 21 months rowing across the Atlantic?" Lou said, "No. Did he break some kind of record?" Bud said, "No. Quite a few people had already rowed across the Atlantic, and a lot faster. He did it to encourage more Americans to get tested for HIV. His point was that if he could row across the Atlantic, they could get tested for HIV." Lou said, "That's a lot of rowing for nothing. Nobody heard about it! He should've uploaded videos daily to YouTube. He might have gone viral. Even better, he should have gotten Red Cow to sponsor his voyage. Look how much publicity they got for that guy who sky‐dived out of the space station." Bud said. "You're right. Plus, what better place to drink can after can of your sponsor's caffeinated diuretic than the middle of the ocean?" 4.8


936. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.