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Talking Dictionary939. Curtis—Potential POTUS?


939. A tall man wearing a red beret was approaching Marco on 33rd Street near the Empire State Building. It was Curtis Sliwa—the perpetual motion machine and founder of the crime‐fighting Guardian Angels—who could entertain listeners with thousands of funny, jive‐talking stories about his own fascinating life and the good, bad, and wacky people he'd encountered in the Big Apple. When the two walkers met up, Marco said, "Curtis, I wish you'd run for President. You'd have my vote." Curtis grinned, thanked him, and continued on. When Marco got home, he said, "I just ran into Curtis Sliwa. That guy's a real American. A fast‐talking, fist‐fighting, flag‐flying American. I told him that if he ran for President, I'd vote for him." His wife said, "He was just in the news for saying how beautiful our Council speaker is." Marco said, "Her? Beautiful?! Oofah! Maybe I wouldn't vote for him." 6.2


939. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.