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Talking Dictionary928. All She Wants For Xmas Is...


928. It was 5 p.m. Christmas Eve. The parking lot, with 100 striped spaces, was almost empty. Harlan started to pull into the space closest to a small hardware store. Seeing a car headed toward the same space, Harlan sped up. The car screeched to a stop just a yard from Harlan's parked truck. The driver got out and marched toward Harlan. Rolling down his window, Harlan asked, "May I help you?" She said, "You already 'helped you.' This was my space. You saw me coming and you sped up." He lied, "No, I didn't." She yelled, "Yes, you did! I saw you!" Harlan said, "Okay, whatever. Step back, please, so I can get out of my truck." She said, "Yeah. Get out of your truck." He said, "Whoa! You're not going to beat me up, are you?" She yelled, "You thief! You liar! You jerk!" She returned to her car. 1.3


928. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.