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Talking Dictionary927. Art: What Is It, Really?


927. Andy saw a painting in a magazine. The left half of the painting was off‐white. The right half was white. The lengthy accompanying article extolled the "surreal esthetics and ambiguous motifs" of the painting. Andy thought, C'mon! It's an off‐white rectangle next to a white rectangle! Andy rented a monkey from the Central Park Zoo. He gave the monkey eight cans of paint, six paintbrushes, and a canvas. In almost no time, the monkey made a monumental mess. Paint was everywhere, including on Andy, the monkey, and the canvas. Andy said, "Good job!" and gave the monkey a banana. Andy took the canvas to various galleries in the Chelsea art district. Several gallery owners made offers, the highest being $1,000. Andy showed that owner a snapshot of the "artist." Laughing, the owner said, "Make that 1,000 bananas. And tell 'Monkeyangelo' to keep painting—before long he'll have his own plantation!" 7.0


927. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.