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Talking Dictionary929. Is It AM Or AN (ANnoying) Radio?


929. On Saturdays, language lovers call in to ask the public radio network wordsmith, Oral Spiqryt, language‐related questions pertaining to various MBR programs. Gwyneth asked, "When you talk to people, do you ever add words and phrases, spoken fluently, from another language?" He said, "I speak only English. If I did speak another language fluently, I would insert phrases only if the listener also spoke that language. Bilinguals do that all the time." She said, "But if the listener is monolingual, do you agree that such insertions would be not only unclear but also annoying?" He said, "Of course. I wouldn't even bother listening to someone who talked like that." Gwyneth said, "Well, your reporters talk like that. They roll their R's, drop their H's, and use Spanish words like 'guerrilla' all the time." He said, "Well, we do have bilingual listeners." She said, "Really? Well, I'm a listener who's byebye‐lingual." 7.0


929. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.