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Talking Dictionary915. Fresh Fruit, Spoiled Students


915. At first, the parents just wanted a free lunch program at school for their children. Then, they wanted a free breakfast program. Then, they wanted a free early dinner program. Each time, the mayor found government money to pay for the meals. But it wasn't long before the students started complaining. Said one, "We're all sick of 'nutritious.' We're not rabbits; we're sick of lettuce. We're not hogs; we're sick of apples. Vegetables belong in the ground, and fruit belongs in the trees. What belongs on our plates is pizza, fries, and burgers." The mayor said, "Shame on you! You're all getting spoiled. Government programs for schools don't cover pizza, fries, and burgers. You'll have to buy your own." Said another student, "I can't wait till I graduate so I can apply for food stamps. Then I'll be able to eat all the pizza, fries, and burgers that I want." 3.7


915. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.