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Talking Dictionary916. White Is Beautiful—In 40 Years


916. Garth applied to the dean to establish a White Is Beautiful club. She said, "I'm sorry. That's racist." Garth said, "Racist? How so? Our campus already has Black Is Beautiful, Brown Is Beautiful, Yellow Is Beautiful, and Red Is Beautiful clubs. So they must be racist, too." She said, "Nope. By definition, as minorities they can't be racist. Each is rightfully proud, without being racist, of its culture and heritage." He said, "Well, my club will be, too." She said, "I realize that. But others won't. For example, Black Power T‐shirts are quite common on campus. But if your club were to print White Power T‐shirts, people would immediately think 'KKK.' And of course we'd get complaints left and right. All I can suggest is that you wait two more generations, when whites will be a minority in America, and maybe your grandson in college can give this a shot." 4.4


916. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.