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Talking Dictionary910. Unpersoning—Where Does It End?


910. Wendy, a freshman in college, discovered that her dormitory was named after Thomas Jefferson's wife. Wendy spearheaded a drive to rename the dorm because "Martha should've known better." The administration apologized profusely and, per student demand, installed a colorful neon sign renaming the dorm—Helen Reddy Hall. Wendy's brother Dave, a sophomore, chastised her. "Mrs. Jefferson had six kids. She was a devoted wife and mother. Where's the shame in that?" Wendy said, "All her 'good' doesn't matter. One bad thing is all it takes—zap her!" Wendy and Dave went home for Christmas. Several days later, Wendy took her high school scrapbook out of her closet to show to her girlfriend. Smiling, Wendy opened the book. Then she screamed. And screamed again. Someone had sliced out the heads of all her friends and boyfriends. Dave shrugged. "Every week you used to complain about one of them or the other." 5.3


910. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.