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Talking Dictionary911. "The Scream," By G.W. Munch


911. Donald and Bernie enjoyed a big, family dinner. As usual, they avoided talking about politics. But afterward, they opened two cold beers and started pontificating. Bernie, a liberal, said, "That clown should be in jail. Instead, he's sitting at his Texas 'ranch' discovering his 'hidden Rembrandt.' He lied to the entire country about weapons of mass destruction. His decisions since 9/11 have resulted in millions of casualties and the ruination of millions of lives and livelihoods." Donald, a conservative who never agreed with Bernie about anything political, agreed. "'Millions,' so far! It's not even over yet. The aftereffects and numbers could multiply for decades. The Middle East is a mess, Europe's becoming a mess, and we have no idea what's coming our way. Ultimately, the 'shock and awe' in 2003 could result in more death, destruction, and debt than even Hitler caused." Momentarily bonded, the two adversaries high‐fived each other. 8.8


911. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.