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Talking Dictionary909. More Ketchup, Dear?


909. Laura's husband had been having severe stomach problems for years. Casey, Laura's sister, said, "Did you watch PBS last night? They're studying monkeys that have stomach problems. They filled a capsule—get this, they call it a 'crapsule'!—with feces from a healthy monkey, fed it to a sick monkey, and the sick monkey became healthy as a horse days later. Researchers now think that introducing microbes from a healthy gut into an unhealthy gut can heal various GI problems." Laura said, "Really? That's fantastic. I've never had a stomachache in my life. Maybe I can be Don's healthy monkey." Casey said, "Yeah, but the clinical trials are going to take forever." Laura said, "No problem. I'll do my own clinical trial. Don's going to get the 'crap' without the 'sule.' Just before he gets home for lunch tomorrow, I'm going to smear fresh microbes all over his meatloaf sandwich." 5.5


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