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Talking Dictionary795. Fido Fetches 50 Items—By Name


795. Jack had taught his dog Barkstein to recognize the names of 50 items around the house. Jack said, "If I tell him to bring me a magazine, he brings me a magazine. If I say bring me a shoe, he brings me a shoe. Also, I've taught him to just bark at the shoe when he finds it. He's a rescue puppy. I selected him because golden retrievers are really smart. I've done TV shows where I put 30 items on the studio floor and say, for example, fetch the wallet. He never fails. People ask, What's the point? The point is that this is life and death training. It's not just a parlor trick. For example, if a little boy's lost in the woods, I can tell Barkstein to find a shirt, and he searches the woods for one. Of course, inside the shirt is the missing little boy." 3.7


795. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.