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Talking Dictionary794. Radio Show Spelling Contest


794. On 970 AM talk radio, Frank said, "Last Sunday morning we did our last joke contest. Everyone complained that the jokes weren't very funny. So, today we're trying a new contest—a spelling contest. I know we've got a lot of smart listeners out there, so let's see who's the smartest. Today's prize will be the best‐selling book, '100,000 Tricky Spelling Words.' Just call in to participate." Bernie called in. He turned his radio off and listened over the phone for Frank's cue. Then he heard Frank say, "Bernie, in Queens." Bernie said, "This'll be a piece of cake. Spelling rules are a big part of my English class. I hope some of my students are listening." Frank said, "Spell Illinois." Bernie said, "So easy. I‐l‐l‐i‐n‐o‐i‐s‐e. I always tell my students to be on the lookout for that sneaky silent 'e.'" The buzzer buzzed as Frank said, "Wrong, English teacher!" 4.7


794. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.