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Talking Dictionary796. Life After Life


796. Eve was feeding pigeons in Prospect Park. Her best friend, Nicki, had died a month earlier after a speeding bicyclist crashed into her in the park. The pigeons suddenly flew away. Nicki appeared to Eve. Nicki said, "Eve, I know I'm dead, but I've never been so alive. I can go anywhere in the universe, instantly. I just visited Jupiter. I'm a super genius. I understand everything, even English grammar rules. I'm a time traveler. I can watch, or participate in, any historical or everyday event I choose to. I watched the Big Bang. I signed the Declaration of Independence. I stood next to Neil Armstrong on the moon. I can choose to experience all the emotions and senses I had as a human, plus hundreds of others that you, as a human, can't even begin to comprehend. Who knew?! Don't mourn my death, my dear, and embrace your own!" 5.6


796. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.