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Talking Dictionary 738. Earth: An Eon With No Neon


738. Stan awoke and peered out the window of his Bronx apartment. He saw gray sky. He'd hoped, even though he knew better, to see yellow sun and blue sky. The unending gray sky had made China its first home, and then it spread worldwide. Solar panels were the first casualty. Desperate to save Earth, nations banned the use of fossil fuels. Even nuclear plants were shut down. Silence settled over cities and towns as motors and engines stopped running. Ground, air, and sea transportation became home to many. There was no heat or air‐conditioning worldwide. There was no running water. There was no electricity. At night, Earth was as dark as the dark side of the moon. At least the Neanderthals had fire, Stan often thought. Tired of freezing every winter, he and his wife had only one hope. Their names were on a long government waiting list—for Florida. 4.3


738. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.