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Talking Dictionary 737. NYC Schools: Kid Gloves For Kids


737. The head of New York City's K‐12 schools announced new penalties for various student offenses. Many offenses that used to result in suspensions now result in infractions. A suspension is a day or more off from school. An infraction is an hour or more in after‐school study hall. Offenses downgraded to infractions include smoking, drinking, cursing, spitting, fighting, stealing, disrupting class, and defacing property. The only offense not downgraded is hitting a teacher. That's been reduced to a one‐day suspension—plus one day for each day the teacher has to spend in the hospital. Offenses upgraded to suspensions include making "racist, colorist, ethnist, religist, ageist, sexist, gayist, weightist, heightist, uglist, or intelligist" remarks. Ms. Farina said, "We have a new motto: 'Words Can Hurt—Talk Nice.' Our students must learn that mean words can cut like a knife. And the scar they leave is just as permanent, just as ugly." 8.6


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