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Talking Dictionary 739. Do It Without Doing It


739. Mark watched a GoPro video of someone's nighttime dive off Manhattan's Freedom Tower. That was so cool, Mark thought. But something was missing. He had merely watched—not done. He went into his basement lab. He invented "Be There." Online, he invited doers to buy his Sender. By using Sender with a GoPro camera, a doer could record everything that he sensed and thought during, for example, a skydive. Then, after a watcher downloaded Mark's Receiver (for a small fee) and connected to the doer's Sender (for a small fee), he could enjoy the skydive exactly as the doer had enjoyed it. That is, the watcher could sense everything that the doer sensed, from jumping into empty air, feeling the wind in his face, and feeling the chute catch air, to hitting the ground. The watcher could experience the doer's every thought and feeling—without ever stepping out the door. 7.0


739. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.