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Talking Dictionary 725. Mountaintop Guru Serves Tea, Saves World


725. EmmyLou climbed to the top of the mountain. Guru sat there sipping a cup of hot tea. He offered her some tea. Shivering, she accepted. She said, "Guru, our world is full of crime, hunger, and homelessness. I beg you to help us." Guru said, "I will meditate on it." She thanked him and took off down the snowy mountainside. A month later, the world's crime, hunger, and homelessness had ended. Two months later, EmmyLou climbed the mountain again. Guru poured her a cup of hot tea. She said, "Thank you, Guru. Crime, hunger, and homelessness have disappeared. But now we have another problem. The police, farmers, and contractors are out of work. They asked me to ask you to let crime, hunger, and homelessness return to our world." Guru said, "Your request does not surprise me. A solution that solves one problem sometimes creates a new problem. More tea?" 4.2


725. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.