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Talking Dictionary 724. Car Purrs—Like A Paper Tiger


724. Food manufacturers routinely add sugar to sweeten their products as well as sweeten their sales. Similarly, car manufacturers now sweeten their vehicles by adding artificial sounds. Modern engines are so efficient that they are almost silent. Researchers have found that drivers, especially men, dislike a silent car. They prefer a car that sounds subtly menacing, like a subdued version of the Mustang or Charger engines in the movie "Bullitt." So, engineers have made such a sound integral to the cabin. Also, doors in newer cars close with a solid click that belies how flimsy the doors actually are. Likewise, engineers have enhanced the closing click of glove compartment doors to give them a solid sound. Different sensory tricks are in the works. Engineers are busy developing enhanced window glass. When a woman looks through the glass at the driver, he will always see a big smile on her pretty face. 8.2


724. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.