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Talking Dictionary 726. Web Search For A Job In NYC


726. He paid $40 to an online job‐finder agency. He filled in his job title (light bulb changer), salary ($10 an hour), and area (New York City). Soon he started receiving emails from employment agencies. These emails listed job positions that were available. Only a few positions were for light bulb changers. But those positions required experience with many kinds of light bulbs he had never seen or even heard of, much less changed. Most emails listed positions such as Driver, Nurse's Aide, Home Health Attendant, Security Officer, Cashier, Car Wash Service Detail Technician, and Sales Representative. Many emails listed positions that were hundreds or thousands of miles from New York City. One email he received said, "Hi Bill (heart), We found 12,633 jobs in Brooklyn for you." He shook his head. He didn't want 12,633 jobs. He wanted just one job that he knew how to do and do well. 7.6


726. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.