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Talking Dictionary 715. "DeflateGate" Rocks Football Nation


715. Could it be true? A professional football team had cheated in a playoff game? It had underinflated eleven of its twelve game balls so the quarterback could throw, and receivers could catch, the footballs more easily throughout the game's wet, windy, and cold weather? Shocking! Then again, stranger things have happened. Paid to seek The Truth for football fans, reporters pestered the coach. He said maybe his team's footballs had less pressure because they'd sat outside in the cold weather. (The opposing team's twelve footballs, which were not underinflated, had also sat outside in the same cold weather.) His response didn't reassure fans. Reporters pestered the quarterback. A reporter asked, "Are you a cheater?" The quarterback, football's golden boy, said, "I don't believe so." His response didn't reassure fans. Exasperated, the team owner told reporters, "Of course we didn't cheat. If we had cheated, all twelve balls would've been underinflated." 6.0


715. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.