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Talking Dictionary 714. The Oscars Are Broken


714. John and his wife Mary were discussing the latest Oscar nominations. She said, "They almost totally ignored 'Selma.' It's such an important movie. It's all about civil rights in the '60s. David Oyelowo was superb as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but he didn't even get nominated for best actor. Let me tell you something. The Oscars began in 1929. Since then, only four black men have won Best Actor. Only one black woman has won Best Actress. Only one black picture has won Best Picture. No black director has ever won Best Director. It's not fair. All these people have been doing such good work all these years for what? For nothing." John said, "Well, what would you suggest?" She said, "We need to even things out. For 80 years, blacks have won hardly anything. So, the solution is obvious. For the next 80 years, whites win hardly anything." 4.6


714. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.