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Talking Dictionary 716. Payo Clinic's Free Health Letter


716. He saw an ad for a free health letter from world‐famous Payo Clinic. What's to lose, he thought. If the trial letter looks good, then maybe I'll subscribe. He called the 800 number. The rep said he'd receive his health letter in about three weeks. A week later, he received an envelope marked Payo Clinic Health Letter. That was fast, he thought. He opened it. He read, "Order Acknowledgement, 12 issues, Total Amount: $31.50. Or you may pay the installment of $10.50." There was no health letter. He called the 800 number. He told the rep, "What's going on here? I haven't even received my free trial letter, and I'm already getting a bill for $31! I haven't even subscribed! Why am I getting this bill?" She asked for his account number. She said, "It's okay. You can ignore it. It's not a bill. It just looks like a bill." 4.1


716. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.