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Talking Dictionary 706. NYC World Series Final Is A Gem


706. It was the seventh game of the World Series. The NY Mets were playing the NY Yankees. It was the Subway Series. Yankee Stadium was packed. The winner of this game would be the world champion. Everyone expected a pitcher's duel. The two starting pitchers were the best in baseball. Tim Seaver was the Mets pitcher. Dwayne Gooden was the Yankees pitcher. The game began. Each pitcher befuddled batters. Batters struck out swinging. Batters struck out looking. Batters hit weak grounders. Batters hit pop flies. Batters went to the plate determined. Batters returned to the dugout dejected. It was a scoreless game until the bottom of the ninth inning. With two out and two strikes, Rickey Mantle hit a home run. The Yankees won 1‐0. For the first time in history, they gave the Most Valuable Player award to three players—Seaver, Gooden, and Mantle. Fans applauded the decision. 4.2


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