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Talking Dictionary 707. Brooklyn Bridge Meets Moby‐Ship


707. The world's biggest ship traveled south down the Hudson River. Its name is Moby‐Ship. Everyone on both shores stared. A man said, "It's bigger than the Empire State Building." Moby‐Ship turned left before it neared the Statue of Liberty. It headed toward the Brooklyn Bridge. Moby‐Ship runs on cheap, air‐polluting coal. Its huge smokestack is 300 feet tall. The Brooklyn Bridge walkway is 280 feet above water. Many locals and tourists were walking on the bridge. They saw Moby‐Ship approaching. They saw the smokestack. They pointed and hollered. They started running. They rushed helter‐skelter off the bridge. The captain was watching them. He laughed uncontrollably. Then he pushed a button. The smokestack telescoped down 50 feet. Moby‐Ship went under the Brooklyn Bridge. A police boat pulled Moby‐Ship over. The captain said, "What's the problem? People enjoy a good scare. They got one. I enjoy a good laugh. I got one." 4.5


707. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.