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Talking Dictionary 705. Radio Host Attacks President


705. Michael's a radio talk show host. He's a conservative. A conservative wants less government, unlike a liberal, who wants more government. Michael makes $20 million a year. He has ten million listeners. He talks for three hours every day. He talks about politics and the president. He says the president is ruining the country. The president wants to give free housing to everyone. He wants to give free health care to everyone. Michael said, "Does the president think that he's Santa Claus? Does he think that money grows on trees? Where's all the money going to come from? Who's going to pay for the 'free' housing? Who's going to pay for the 'free' health care? The president wants to control the media and the Internet. The president wants to control the banks. He wants to control everything! Who does he think he is? Does he think he was elected king?" 4.3


705. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.