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Talking Dictionary 693. A First‐Time Flu Shot


693. It was October 13. He went to his school to get his free flu shot. His school offered free flu shots every year. But this day he arrived at school later than he normally did. There were no more free flu shots. They had run out of free shots an hour before he got there. So he had to pay for his annual flu shot. He gave $15 to a clerk at his school. She gave him a ticket. She told him to bring the ticket with him on October 27. He presented his ticket on October 27. He went into a room. Five young student nurses were busy giving shots. The sixth one waved him over. She smiled and said, "You're my first live human. Up till now, I've been practicing on grapefruits and oranges." He said, "You must be nervous.' She said, "Not really." He said, "I am." 2.6


693. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.