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Talking Dictionary 692. A Dangerous Borrowed Pencil


692. Sue had left her pencils at home. She needed to borrow a pencil. She asked her classmate, "Mira, may I borrow one of your pencils, please?" Mira said, "Sure, Sue. I'll be glad to lend you one. Here you go." Mira handed Sue a bright yellow No. 2 pencil. It had a pink, unused eraser on the end. The point was dull. Sue said thank you. She walked over to the electric pencil sharpener. She inserted the pencil. The sharpener hummed for a few seconds. She pulled the pencil out. She looked at the sharp point. The point was sharp enough to stab someone, she thought. She sat down at her desk. She started writing her name on her paper. The tip of the point broke off. That was okay, she thought. Now she wouldn't have to worry about maybe tripping and falling and stabbing herself with the pencil point. 2.3


692. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.