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Talking Dictionary 694. New Neighbor Joins The Club


694. A man was standing outside the carport. John looked at the man. It was nighttime. He didn't recognize the man. The man was just standing there. He looked suspicious. John pulled his car into the carport. He got out of his car and locked the door. The man was still standing there. John walked over to him. He asked him who he was. The man said he was Marvin. He had just moved into the apartment building two weeks ago. John asked him which apartment he lived in. Marvin said apartment 3. John said, "I'm John. Can I help you? Or are you just getting some fresh air?" Marvin had heard a noise a few minutes ago. Someone had broken into his car last week and stolen his $300 sunglasses. John said, "Welcome to the neighborhood. Now your car is like all of ours. At least it was only sunglasses." 2.2


694. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.