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Talking Dictionary 669. Glaucoma Isn't Just For Grandpa


669. Steve and Andre were sitting at a table. Andre was using his smart phone. Steve held out a candy bar to him. Andre ignored it. Steve waved it vigorously. Andre didn't notice it. Steve said, "Andre!" Andre looked up. Steve handed him the candy bar. Andre said, "Thanks." Steve asked, "Didn't you see me waving that?" Andre said, "Sorry, no. I don't have peripheral vision. I've got advanced glaucoma. I take eye drops daily to control it. It snuck up on me. By the time I noticed something was wrong, it was too late. There's no cure or reversal. I can't even drive anymore. My wife drives me around. But I'm lucky—I'm not blind." Steve said, "But you're the same age as me. You're only 42. I thought glaucoma was an old folks' disease." Andre said, "I did, too." Steve made an appointment with his eye doctor that afternoon. 2.7


669. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.