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Talking Dictionary 670. The Fat Fix


670. His wife said, "I've got to lose all this fat." He said, "Honey, you call it fat; I call it 'more to love.' Yes, you have a few extra pounds, but you wear them well." Several weeks later, she came home from a follow‐up doctor's visit. She said, "My doctor said my blood sugar level is too high. He says I'm pre‐diabetic. I need to lose at least 10 percent of my weight, or I might become diabetic. Now do you agree that I'm too fat?" He said, "Let me whip up something in my lab to help you lose those pounds." A month later, he presented her with a bottle of pills. He said, "Take one pill a week. It'll neutralize your taste buds. Everything you eat will taste like cardboard. Everything you drink will taste like water." She said, "This is your solution? Go back to your lab." 2.8


670. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.