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Talking Dictionary 668. Restaurant Grades—Score Schmore!


668. It was Saturday evening. They were on St. Mark's Place near Cooper Union. She said, "Let's try this one. It looks nice. It's crowded, too. That's always a good sign. And its letter grade is 'A.'" They walked inside. He visited the bathroom. He returned quickly. He said, "Let's go. There's no soap or hand towels in the bathroom." They saw another busy restaurant, but it didn't display a letter grade. He Googled "restaurant inspection NYC." He said, "Forget it. Their score is 32. They have four violations in red!" They decided to go to their favorite restaurant. They met their friend Kitty en route. She asked where they were going. He named the Chinese restaurant. She said, "Do you have a death wish? Their last inspection score was 44!" He said, "Yes, we know. But who cares when the food is so delicious and the staff are so friendly!" 2.8


668. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.