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Talking Dictionary 642. The Wife, Or The Law?


642. Joe and Marilyn were lying on the beach Sunday afternoon. She said, "See you tomorrow night, honey." She walked to her car and drove to her sister's place. Somewhat later, Joe ran over to the lifeguard stand. He said, "My wife went swimming. I just woke up. I don't see her anywhere." The lifeguard started a search. After a while, he called the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard searched for hours. The next morning, Joe called municipal court. Weeks earlier, Marilyn had bought some expensive jewelry. She'd used a credit card she had "found." Joe said, "Marilyn can't appear in court today. She drowned yesterday." Marilyn came home Monday night. The police arrived minutes later. They had been waiting for her. They handcuffed Marilyn and Joe. He said, "I told you this wouldn't work." She said, "It's okay. At least you tried to help me. That's what family is for." 3.0


642. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.