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Talking Dictionary 641. Pretty Face, Pretty Smile, Pretty Sad


641. He bought some Old English Polish at Home Depot on West 23rd Street. Yesterday, a worker had dragged a coffee table across the hardwood floor in his living room. He hoped the polish would help conceal the scratches. As he crossed Broadway, he saw an attractive woman. She looked directly at him. She smiled and continued walking. He turned around and caught up to her. He said, "Excuse me. Did you just smile at me, or was the sun in your eyes?" She smiled again. She said, "Yes, I smiled at you." He said, "That was nice. I can't remember the last time a pretty, young woman smiled at me. Would you like to have some coffee with me at Eataly?" She said, "No, but thank you. I'm sorry. That wasn't a Let's Have Coffee smile. It was more of a You Look Like You Could Use a Smile smile." 2.3


641. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.